How It Works 1300textus
Simplicity is the key to any business application, simplicity for the business, and simplicity for the prospective client. howto1

Step 1

Apply for your 1300 TEXT US Phoneword (business name or what you do) on line at

Step 2

We print and send to you your unique 1300 TEXT US Phoneword Signs/Stickers for you to place on your business vehicles and shop front.

We also send you a soft copy image of your unique 1300TEXTUS Phoneword for placement on your website and directory listings.


Step 3

You receive job/sales leads enquiries via your business name to your mobile phone and email address.

* All TXT Message enquiries receive an immediate automated reply that you write when you apply for your 1300 TEXT US Phoneword direct to their mobile phone.


Step 4

You call the enquirer back and get the sale.

Yes it’s that simple!





Reserve your preferred 1300 TEXT US Phoneword, generally your business name;

  • Register your preferred email address and mobile phone for all incoming job/sales leads to your 1300 TEXT US Phoneword to be forwarded to.
    • The email includes the contact number for the job/sales lead
    • The SMS/TEXT message to your mobile phone includes the contact number of the job/sales lead
    • Write your personalised 1300 TEXT US Automated response
    • Sales contact numbers will never be lost again
  • Receive your 1300 TEXT US Advertising package. The advertising package is free of charge, and includes;
    • Soft copy image
    • 2 x A3 Stickers
    • 2 x A4 Stickers
    • Additional Advertising Packages are available from SMARTER 1300
  • Place your unique 1300 TEXT US Phoneword soft copy image on:
    • Business WebSite
    • Business Stationery
    • On Line Directory Listings;
  • Place your unique 1300 TEXT US stickers on:
    • Business Vehicles
    • Business Shop Front



(Telstra or Optus Subscribers Only)

Sees your 1300 TEXT US Phoneword and sends your unique 1300 TEXT US Phoneword via SMS / Text Message to 1300 TEXT US;

  • This job / sales lead is immediately forwarded to your nominated email account via email, and to your mobile phone via SMS / TEXT Message, including the sales / job lead contact number, to enable you to contact them
  • The prospective client will receive your automated SMS / TEXT Message response directly to their mobile phone
    Eg. **STEVENSGLASS** We provide all your glass needs. Thank you for your enquiry, one of our consultants will contact you shortly.



With all 1300 TEXT US Plans, you receive the following:

  • The incoming sales / job lead
  • Your personalised Automated response sent via SMS / TEXT Message to the enquirer
  • Forwarding of the job / sales lead to your email
  • Forwarding of the job / sales lead via SMS / TEXT Message to your mobile phone
  • A log of all job / sales leads received, including time and date of receipt, and the contact number of the job / sales lead.


1300 TEXT US Phoneword Options


SMARTER 1300 recognise that you will want to get your 1300 TEXT US Phoneword out into the public view. A soft copy image is provided for you to place that image on your web site, Directory listings, business stationery etc., you can also use this image to print signs and stickers. We know that arranging for printing of stickers can be a hassle, so we provide free of charge an advertising package which supplies;