About Us 1300textus

Your 1300 TEXT US Phoneword (use your business name) enables you to receive sales/job leads direct to your business via today’s preferred communications medium; the SMS / TEXT Message, direct to your email address and your mobile, whilst also providing your personalised automated response immediately back to all enquirers.

Phonewords are proven to generate a greater recall, up to 5.5 times of a number, for clients interested in your services to remember. This is why all major Australian businesses use Phonewords!!

There is no need to change your established contact numbers, 1300 TEXT US integrates directly to your current email and mobile phone contact options, with the added benefit of potential clients only having to remember your business name, and send it to 1300 TEXT US

All your potential clients need to know is your 1300 TEXT US Phoneword, and SMS / TEXT it to 1300 TEXT US then you receive that sales/job lead immediately to your email and your mobile phone, including the contact number of the enquirer.

You will never lose a sales contact number with 1300 TEXT US because all messages are logged and recorded, so they can never be lost!